Wednesday, April 26, 2006

La w and Order?

After all the stuff from Blair about security and law and order, it does seem a trifle careless to allow hundreds of foreign nationals who have committed, in some cases serious crimes, to disappear into the ether. Mind you, it also looks like a stitch up by malcontents at the Home Office in putting the knife into poor Charlie!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Bush Legacy

Respected journalist Seymour Herst has written an article in the New Yorker concluding that Bush is determined to bring about regime change in Iran.

Now his "success" at regime change in Iraq may make some people a little more retrospective, but good ol' George, he wants a legacy and if nuking Iran brings him one - well, yipeee!

I'm not sure what argument will be this time. Bringing democracy to Iran, the argument eventually used in Iraq when WMDs were spectacularly absent, can hardly be applied to a country that has had a democratic tradition since the Puppet of Persia was overthrown. It may be a different tradition to the typical western method, but it brough about a democratic result - indeed, not the result that hierachy in Iran were expecting!

So the message from Bush seems to be, elect the right leaders or we will make you change them. And if diplomacy doesn't work, well we already got the nukes and you ain't!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


In Australia, Blair has referred to "The "madness" of anti-Americanism in Europe" . It seems to have escaped the poodle's attention that the dislike of the Bush administration is shared by some 70% of the American people. So Blair thinks that 70% of Yanks are mad?

And this report about British involvement in extraordinary redition casts further shame on British Government! Although, of course, Blair, Straw and Hoon will have known nothing about it.....

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Paying for Labour? Or worse, the Tories!

The sad demise of the Labour Party as the voice of the working person continues. Rather than funding from the Trade Union movement, with the now unwelcome input into policy that this should engender, the Labour Party garners its financial support from the bosses, some of whom get direct power through the House of Lords. I suppose this should be no surprise - the public school boys on both sides of the House are just protecting their own.

However, the real concern here is what is going to happen when Blair and Cameron get together to "reform" this situation. Will they simply abolish the hereditary and patronage that creates the Lords? Will they hell! That will all continue but we, the working people, will be required to fund the political parties - all in the name of fairness and transparency....

How this will work is anybodies' guess, but I bet it will be to the advantage of the two major parties and the detriment of anyone trying to break their grip on power.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Education, education, education

Hopefully tonight's vote on the Education Bill will be a deathknell for Blair. He can then go and ask God to judge him in peace and quiet. What has amazed me is that Two Jags (and apparently three homes) Prescott has said that the Labour Party will never forgive those MPs who vote against this appalling Bill. He clearly is in touch with grassroots . But nothing surprising about that.

It really is hard to see why Blair is so insistent on trying to privatise schools, for that is what it amounts to. OK, he's a public school boy and has inside knowledge of the advantages to a private education, but surely even he must realise that this Bill will lead us back to selection. To think that selection can be done on a non-academic basis is utter rubbish. Selection by aptitude - with the subsequent "improvement" in that school's ratings - will happen in whatever disguised form the school can get away with. Post codes, interviewing parents, removals of the less able on spurious grounds and many other methods will be used by these Trust schools. It will be the old grammar and secondary modern system all over again, annd devil take the hindmost.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Iraq all over again?

The UN report, and the US response to it, on nuclear processing in Iran sounded very familiar. A report by Mohamed El Baradei, director-general of the International Atomic Eergy Agency (IAEA), announced that it contained no solid evidence that Iran used its nuclear programme for military purposes, noting however that there is a set of vague points regarding the current operations of the country.

This sounds like the same "prove the negative" used against Iraq. In other words, we have no evidence but unless you prove there is nothing there we will assume you are guilty. Proving a negative is always near impossible.

The UN's position will be interesting. Their failure to do anything about Israel's nuclear arsenal (or the number of resolutions regarding Israel that Jerusalem has ignored) or the US support of India's nuclear programme, lay it open to cries of hypocrisy. No-one can be happy about Iran developing nuclear weapon capability, but neither should we be content with other countries, including the UK, possessing them either.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Naive or stupid?

And that's just us! So let's get this right. You sign a legal document for a mortgage of £400k. A couple of weeks later your partner pays off this mortgage and you don't know? This person is supposed to be part of the Labour movement! What the hell have any of these Labour front benchers got in common with us peasants? Blair buys £2 million flats (OK his wife, and he didn't know either...) Blunkett is still living in a £3m Belgravia property gratis despite being a back bencher now. New Labour? Old corrupt bastards more likely.