Wednesday, December 21, 2005

US Judge shows Intelligence

It's good to see some sense is still shown in the US. A District Judge has rules that "intelligent design" is unconstitutional as it "a particular version of Christianity" which violates the notion of the separation of church and state.

It is interesting that creationists, because that is what intelligent design is about, explain that evolution does not explain the "purpose" of life, only having some "power that can manipulate matter and energy" can. In otherwords, these people cannot imagine that they are not here for some purpose, that they really are not important and are just the result of a cosmic accident (for the want of a better expression).

And this is the problem! Once you believe you are here for a purpose, you must also believe in destiny and the need to fulfil that destiny. As people who believe this usually also believe utterly in the "rightness" of themselves, we end up with people thinking they are the chosen ones and anything they do is right. With 45% of the population of the USA, and virtually all their current leadership, believing this, it is hardly surprising their foreign policy is as disasterous as it is. Hopefully, people like Judge John Jones will make the other 55% wake up and realise what is happening.


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