Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Why should I pay?

There was an article on the news tonight about the increase in the number of mini motos and, in particular about the nuisance they cause by being ridden on streets and footpaths. The laws says they should only be used on private land (unless they are taxed and insured like ordinary motor cycles). And the response of the fans of these machines? Councils should provide places for these mini motos to be used!

This proposal will obviously cost a council money (especially in terms of insuring themselves against claims when the little darling falls off his mini moto) and they only place that money can come from is the Council Tax - i.e. our pockets. So why should I pay for some kid to race around on a socially obnoxious machine which has no value to me whatsoever? It would appear the only answer is that it will keep the kid off the streets. So, in other words, there is the usual blackmail by people who wish to indulge themselves without responsibility, someone else must pay!

In a similar vein, I commend George Monbiot's column in The Guardian today.


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