Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Welcome to 2006

I suppose it will be an interesting year politically, but whether the people will benefit from it is another matter.

It appears that all the major party leaders are at odds with their own parties. Blair's worshipping of the market is alienating his backbenches. The boy Dave seems to have kept his backbenches together but his core support does not seem to sure. Melanie Phillips in The Daily Mail bemoans "This leaves millions of natural conservatives effectively disenfranchised...." And poor Charlie seems to have every Lib-Dem trying to put a knife in his back.

Where that leaves us (us being what is usually called the "loony left" i.e. the people who kept the hope of socialism alive during Thatcher's reign of terror) I am not sure - the bizarre coalition of the SWP and George Galloway? And... well that's about it!


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