Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Who Benefits?

The Government has announced changes to Invalidity Benefit. I am surprised that there seems to be little comment on the obvious fact that the standard rate of IB (after 28 weeks) is £68.20 rising to £76.45 after 52 weeks. The standard rate for Job Seekers Allowance is £56.20. So it is no surprise that the Government want to kick the sick off IB and onto JSA and save at least £12 per week - some 15%.

Anyone who has been through the system knows it is not as easy as many claim to be classed as unable to perform any work. I was kicked off IB shortly after being retired on medical grounds despite having a report from a Harley Street psychiatrist specialising in Occupational Health stating I was currently unfit for any form of work and permanently unfit for my job. The assessors thought I could probably manage a job such as stacking in a supermarket. I have represently people whose only ability was that they could stand and lost their cases on the grounds that they "could be a lift operator".

It is very difficult to get a job when you have physical and mental disabilities. The Job Centre is worse than useless. Al they have done for me is give me a reading, writing and arithmatic test - helpful to assess someone who has held a responsible post involving many writing skills etc. for many years. They then decided I must have undertaken office administration tasks in the past (I used to type (two fingered) my own letters....) so sent me for a stream of office administrators posts. Funnily, never got past the application stage.

Now, to a degree I don't care about my personal problems with the system. I only claim NI credit, no actual money at all. But if I did not have an decent pension, I could be in a system that would pay me an amount that would be totally inadequate for normal life or force me into a job that may well bring about a total mental collapse. And that is clearly what will happen to many people.


Blogger eeore said...

Yeah but you miss the point.

New Labour wants to kill off the poor because they will rise up the ranks in the game of SimCity they are playing.

2:19 am  
Blogger John F. said...

Well, there is always that angle!!! :-)

4:15 pm  

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