Saturday, February 25, 2006

Democracy - where?

An excellent article in the Guardian comments on two aspects of modern life, the appalling lack of service from many organisations and the encroachment of the police state.

On the first point, business spends a fortune on advertising that they are there for the punter and then treats the punter like dirt. Want service? Well, phone this hot line, probably based in India. What will happen when you do - nothing really, no-one knows what you are talking about and fewer care.

As to the police state, it goes hand in hand with the loss of democracy. What is the point of voting? You get the same rubbish whoever you vote for - and if you get someone you actually want, like Londoners voted massively for Ken Livingstone, an unelected quango (containing the former Chief Executive of East Riding - a man who is the byword for confrontation with workers) will suspend him for speaking his mind.


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