Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Education, education, education

Hopefully tonight's vote on the Education Bill will be a deathknell for Blair. He can then go and ask God to judge him in peace and quiet. What has amazed me is that Two Jags (and apparently three homes) Prescott has said that the Labour Party will never forgive those MPs who vote against this appalling Bill. He clearly is in touch with grassroots . But nothing surprising about that.

It really is hard to see why Blair is so insistent on trying to privatise schools, for that is what it amounts to. OK, he's a public school boy and has inside knowledge of the advantages to a private education, but surely even he must realise that this Bill will lead us back to selection. To think that selection can be done on a non-academic basis is utter rubbish. Selection by aptitude - with the subsequent "improvement" in that school's ratings - will happen in whatever disguised form the school can get away with. Post codes, interviewing parents, removals of the less able on spurious grounds and many other methods will be used by these Trust schools. It will be the old grammar and secondary modern system all over again, annd devil take the hindmost.


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