Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Iraq all over again?

The UN report, and the US response to it, on nuclear processing in Iran sounded very familiar. A report by Mohamed El Baradei, director-general of the International Atomic Eergy Agency (IAEA), announced that it contained no solid evidence that Iran used its nuclear programme for military purposes, noting however that there is a set of vague points regarding the current operations of the country.

This sounds like the same "prove the negative" used against Iraq. In other words, we have no evidence but unless you prove there is nothing there we will assume you are guilty. Proving a negative is always near impossible.

The UN's position will be interesting. Their failure to do anything about Israel's nuclear arsenal (or the number of resolutions regarding Israel that Jerusalem has ignored) or the US support of India's nuclear programme, lay it open to cries of hypocrisy. No-one can be happy about Iran developing nuclear weapon capability, but neither should we be content with other countries, including the UK, possessing them either.


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