Thursday, March 23, 2006

Paying for Labour? Or worse, the Tories!

The sad demise of the Labour Party as the voice of the working person continues. Rather than funding from the Trade Union movement, with the now unwelcome input into policy that this should engender, the Labour Party garners its financial support from the bosses, some of whom get direct power through the House of Lords. I suppose this should be no surprise - the public school boys on both sides of the House are just protecting their own.

However, the real concern here is what is going to happen when Blair and Cameron get together to "reform" this situation. Will they simply abolish the hereditary and patronage that creates the Lords? Will they hell! That will all continue but we, the working people, will be required to fund the political parties - all in the name of fairness and transparency....

How this will work is anybodies' guess, but I bet it will be to the advantage of the two major parties and the detriment of anyone trying to break their grip on power.


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