Monday, April 10, 2006

Bush Legacy

Respected journalist Seymour Herst has written an article in the New Yorker concluding that Bush is determined to bring about regime change in Iran.

Now his "success" at regime change in Iraq may make some people a little more retrospective, but good ol' George, he wants a legacy and if nuking Iran brings him one - well, yipeee!

I'm not sure what argument will be this time. Bringing democracy to Iran, the argument eventually used in Iraq when WMDs were spectacularly absent, can hardly be applied to a country that has had a democratic tradition since the Puppet of Persia was overthrown. It may be a different tradition to the typical western method, but it brough about a democratic result - indeed, not the result that hierachy in Iran were expecting!

So the message from Bush seems to be, elect the right leaders or we will make you change them. And if diplomacy doesn't work, well we already got the nukes and you ain't!


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